The Life of A Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

Who are the highly sensitive people in your life? Reading this may help you (like it helped me) empathise better.

by Katharine Sawchuk

Your heart rate quickens. There’s a surge of adrenaline and – there it is! – the anticipated drops of sweat soon follow. Senses are being assaulted from all angles and you tell yourself to focus because guess what; you’re taking a bus to work and it’s only 7:45 am. There are nine more hours of this crap to get through. So you better get through it.

Why these sudden feelings? What is this “crap” I’m referring to that is making you so uncomfortable? Are you hung over? Did you just run a marathon? Was it something just as obvious making you feel so ill? Or is it simply because you noticed the bus driver is in a bad mood after a mere glance, the guy sitting across from you is stressing you out just from sitting there for some reason, or is it the sounds, the moving…

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