Orange Chicken Recipe

Unimportant Blurb

Hi Everyone, as you might already knew, I don’t usually share any recipes. Not that I don’t like to, but I just can’t, because I don’t Have any of my recipes. I don’t use recipes. 😋 !!

But it seems this food is such a dream food for some of you, so I thought making this recipe would help some of you save some money and solve some cravings.

Semi important blurb

I tested this recipe only once with not all the listed ingredients as I happen to not have any lemon juice at home, so i just used some apple cider vinegar. I might update this recipe again when I do it again, but it’s unlikely I will do it any time soon as I am not really such a big fan of this dish.

Or maybe I will…

Anyways, all ingredients are different ( different brands and such) and the environment always change ( heat / equipment and such). So always taste your food and adjust!

Important note

Choosing the right chicken:

I used this Gardein Chick’n Scallopini (Vegan & Gluten Free) and I think it’s a wrong decision. It’s quite not well seasoned and soft, so it doesn’t work very well for the recipe.

For best result, choose one that is breaded, like the Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick’n / Sweet & Sour Porkless Bites or even Fishless Filet . You could also bread this Chick’n Scallopini yourself and bake it but that’s so much work it kinda lose the point of this comfort food doesn’t it?

Sauce Ingredients

  • Orange juice • 1Cup

  • Water • ½ Cup

  • Sugar • 3 Tbsp
  • Lemon Juice • ¼ Cup
  • Salt • ½ tsp
  • Potato Starch • 1 Tbsp


  1. Bake / fry your chicken until it’s crispy.
  2. While it’s cooking, put all the sauce ingredients in a cup and stir very well.
  3. Pour mix into a sauce pan / pan. Turn to medium / high heat and stir the bottom of pan with spatula. Keep stirring, don’t stop at all. Stir until bubbline and sauce is thickened. Taste and see if you want to adjust it.
  4. I have only orange juice with lots of pulp at home, so it’s not a clear sauce. But you can use a pulpless one for a cear sauce.
  5. Turn heat off and throw in the crispy chicken if it’s already done.

That’s it.

You could garnish with orange slices. I used some green onions.

This recipe makes enough for 4 servings, so I think enough to coat maybe 2 bags of gardein meats.

So if you are reading this now ( the night of January 1, 2019) you can ask me tomorrow for my leftover sauce.

I cooked some rice and some garlic broccoli to make it a meal.

That’s it, as usual, ask me if you have any questions.

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